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53 Innsbruck Drive Toms River NJProperty Sold After We Staged It

53 Innsbruck Drive Toms River NJ
I had meet with these lovely investors over a year ago however, they were not in need of our services at the time.  Their homes seem to sell quickly with out any problems.  When we meet originally, I had indicated that the homes we stage sell quicker and investor receives asking price and or above! I didn't hear from these investors until their listing at 53 Innsbr[...]

A sweet girls room

A sweet girls room
Hello all you summer moms! As promised I have put together my picks for a sweet girls room.   These selections are for girls 8-12 years of age, where they have outgrown their baby girl bedroom however, they are not yet ready for a tween look.   I know that you don't have the time during these crazy months of summer, when all of the kiddo's are home from school to e[...]

New Decor Trends

New Decor Trends
Decor is like fashion, it changes just about every season. As you wonder around Home Goods or Home Sense you will see chunky macrame. Which was popular back in the late seventies early eighties....Now not only do we have hangings but we have these amazing pillows...  Joanna Gaines has a beautiful collection of these chunky pillows found at Pier 1.   Keep your eyes[...]


I'm really a beach girl, love my books, newspapers and magazines sitting in my beach chair on 5th Avenue in Seaside Park New Jersey.  So when labor day comes and I see the life guard chairs getting dragged away its a bit sad.  So the only way that I know to let go of summer and welcome another beautiful season  is to find items for my home that will make it comfy and [...]

This Fall embrace outdoor living

This Fall embrace outdoor living
Hello All, Yikes it is August 31st already!  School is back in session for so many of you....I was complaining to someone at the store that I wanted a "do over  Summer" ,and do you know what he said; "We have all of September and October",  you know  what he is so right!    Those two months are so beautiful in the North East and we should take full advantage of it.[...]

Bathroom and Kitchen Rehab

Bathroom  and Kitchen Rehab
Our job can be so much fun!  We meet the most interesting people along the way.  We are currently working with a family in the Society Hill Section of Jersey City.   Here are some of  the renderings that Charles Messenger completed for our 2nd presentation  with our clients after the initial floor and reflective ceiling plan was approved.     [...]

Our 15 Step Project Management Strategy

Our 15 Step Project Management Strategy
The Harmonizing Homes Experience By Identifying and committing to a specific work flow through the 15 steps, clients are aware that their project will progress in a logia fashion.  Our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the dura[...]

Vacant Staging Project in Toms RiverNakedIt's better to be dressed!

Hello, Its been a while since I have written a post.  We have had a very busy first quarter with interior design work, which kept me away from my regular blogging.   There are two projects that are coming to an end this month which is bitter sweet to both Charles and I.   We will be unveiling both completed projects in the near future.   Today I would like to talk [...]

Why Should I hire a Interior DesignerIts Black and whiteHere are 5 reasons why

Its Black and white
1. Interior Designers Will Save You Money!!! – Some of us are conditioned to believe that interior designers are expensive, providing only highly priced items and adding a pricey “design fee” on top of that. But in reality, a good designer will help you avoid mistakes, which can be very costly. And at the completion of the project, everything “goes together”, looks pr[...]

New friends and Old FriendsThose who have been harmonized..Party in the house

Those who have been harmonized..
Hello Friends, I wonder why someone just doesn't design a home with just a giant kitchen...who needs the rest of the house....no matter what the size kitchen I have had in the past, everyone loves to party in the kitchen...  It was no different last night as Harmonizing Homes celebrated everyone that was Harmonized in one way or another.... Harmonizing Homes was[...]

Did you ever have a great networking weekWoman at their bestTaking the steps one foot at a time

Woman at their best
I have just meet the greatest woman this past week, between the woman's entrepreneur rock event to a wonderful yoga studio in town called Truce.   I  walked into Truce the other day and was welcomed by Cheryl's as  if I was her long lost friend...how cool and rare except our business  of course is it that...... you walk into a business and the owner remembers you and [...]

Styled Staged and SoldTop 10 Stupid Staging IdeasBlog Contributor Jusin Riordan

Top 10 Stupid Staging Ideas
What is the first thing that happens when you walk into any house ??  Smell is often our first response to stimuli. It alerts us to fire before we see flames. It makes us recoil before we taste rotten food.  Justin Riordan wrote "your house should smell like nothing when it is being shown.  Scented homes lead to one of two reactions."  For the full article by Just[...]

Autumnal WarmthPersimmonThe warmer colors of fall

One of my favorite go to colors is orange.  A spicy orange hue can add an unexpected sophistication to your space and wardrobe.  Now that we are closing in on the fall season, more and more people are receptive to the color orange. They are buying pumpkin lattes, eating pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin spice muffins. Wearing knit orange sweaters and carrying orange p[...]

Celebrating our nations birthdayHappy Forth of JulyRed White and Blue

Happy Forth of July
Hi there..... Great start today....went out for a ten mile bike ride by the beach.....as I was riding I was thinking how lucky I really am to live so close to the ocean....I'm grateful for a lot of things today.....one of those is that we live in a incredible nation....do we have out issues of course we do.....but we have freedom....  I also thought how lucky I [...]

In ProgressOur HomeTouring Our Home

Our Home
Its a rainy Sunday so I decided to write Monday's Blog today....We moved into this home two days before Christmas this past December.   We love the openness and the flow of the house....It is a ranch so this will help as we grow older which is what you think about when you turn 60... Its a work in progress...nothing major just cosmetics.   Below is our kitchen  we hav[...]

Who Are You?10 things you didn’t know about meGetting To Know Me

10 things you didn't know about me
Hi There!! As most of you know I have been working on my branding and my website though out this past spring.  I want people to know who I am and what makes me unique in my business.  I want people to come to my web page to learn and to see what I am doing.  I will continue to post 2-3 times per week...on decorating, staging and painting projects that I may be work[...]