Our 15 Step Project Management Strategy

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The Harmonizing Homes Experience

By Identifying and committing to a specific work flow through the 15 steps, clients are aware that their project will progress in a logia fashion.

 Our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients

feel comfortable for the duration of the project.

Here’s how we work:

Step 1.     Consultation with Corinne Kaas and/or Charles MessengerDSC_1550

    Step 2 .   Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer and commencement of project

Contract ready for signature. Ballpoint pen on contract. Focus on the end of ballpoint pen. Shallow depth of field. Black and White. Close-up.

Step 3.  Trade Day | On-site measurements, photos and final planning meeting

dsc_0605 dsc_0609

 Step 4.   Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings

PicMonkey Collage

Step 5.    Presentation of estimates and furnishings/materials; collection of deposits


Step 6.  Placement of orders


Step 7.     Review of budget


Step 8.   Initiation of construction and renovation


Step 9.  Installation period continues and receipt of orders

20160224_111012 James Truck

Step 10.  Furniture installation and styling


 Step 11.   Client reveal

86 Locust Ave West Long Branch-small-013-8-Dining Room-666x444-72dpi




Step 12.  Deficiencies walk through

Deficiencies can happen in every project that is why we address this as a critical step.

Step 13.  Resolving deficiencies

 Step 14. Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoice

This part is bitter sweet as we form a close relationship with our clients.  Some relationships continue as friendships.

 Step 15.  Presentation of client Binder and thank you

The client binder is a catalogue of all the materials, furnishings, appliances and products used on a project.  It’s a resource of information that we present to our client at the end of each project.  It contains product information, care and maintenance on the newly purchased item.


At Harmonizing Homes, our mission is simple.  We pledge our time to build relationships so that we can understand you and your projects goals and dreams.  Then design a plan that brings our collaborative vision which is uniquely for you.  We are dedicated to create a beautiful living environment which embraces your style through inspiration and imagination.


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