Those who have been harmonized..

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Hello Friends,

I wonder why someone just doesn’t design a home with just a giant kitchen…who needs the rest of the house….no matter what the size kitchen I have had in the past, everyone loves to party in the kitchen…  It was no different last night as Harmonizing Homes celebrated everyone that was Harmonized in one way or another….

Harmonizing Homes was in full party mode last night ….as we held our first ever thank you to our clients who are now our friends along with some of our old time friends….  We collected a ton of donations for Your Grandma’s Cupboard which was the entrance free to our event.  It was a night of surprises and sharing of stories….We drank wine and ate great food catered by Wegman’s in Ocean Port.  There were many others in attendance including my self not captured along with our resident photographer.  Wishing everyone a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas…..


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