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Its been a while since I have written a post.  We have had a very busy first quarter with interior design work, which kept me away from my regular blogging.   There are two projects that are coming to an end this month which is bitter sweet to both Charles and I.   We will be unveiling both completed projects in the near future.   Today I would like to talk about the most recent vacant staging project we did for an investor in Toms River, New Jersey.


First Visit – Everyone is still busy working!

When an investor  calls, the project is moved into top priority mode….. do to the urgency of placing the property on the market immediately.   I meet the investor took measurements and came up with a proposal.  After discussion of budget it was decided that only the first floor would be staged with a minimum amount of furniture.



Dining Area

All New Appliances added

Then  the day arrives when you are given the GREEN light and it’s SHOW time……No matter how many times I have done a staging its always very exciting….There are always last minute adjustments in the original game plan.


The gathering of items to be packed in the car.


The table is set and awaiting the new family



This is my signature piece in all my staging’s.



New Carpet added and the furniture delivered…



The kitchen is large and bright…..and foot steps from the built in pool


Large work space and plenty room for a few more stools


We just staged a sitting room in the master…..


Built in wet bar, fireplace and fridge…..great space in the master


Had to add a few things..


Furniture – Churchill Furniture Rental

Staging Accessories – Harmonizing Homes

Listing Agency –  The Force Group Keller Williams

Photographer – Motion City Media – Frank Z

Staging Company – Harmonizing Homes

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