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One Room Challenge Fall 2018 -Week 2Floor Plan and Furniture Picks

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 -Week 2
Hi There! Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge Fall 2018! If you are new to Harmonizing Homes, we are a interior design and home staging company located in New Jersey.  We specialize in approachable, comfortable interiors, incorporating soft beach colors and clean lines.  We are working on a family room for a client of ours. At this point, I develope[...]

E-Design From the comfort of your own homeWhat is E- Design?

E-Design From the comfort of your own home
Hello Happy Monday! Now that everyone is settled back in their routine its time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season and what you need to do around the house to prepare.  I want to introduce you to our e-design program from the comfort of your own home. I personally will be hosting Thanksgiving with many of my family members sleeping over!   I hav[...]

National Make Your Bed DaySeptember 11, 2018

National Make Your Bed Day
I have never heard of National Make Your Bed Day until recently.   Maybe it because it lands on September 11th.   We all know exactly where we were on September 11, what the day was like. I don't know if I made my bed, however I remember everything else about September 11th 2001.  It was a clear no humidity type of  day....the kind of day that you wanted to skip work [...]

September Is Here!Our kick off give away

September Is Here!
Hello All!! I am sure that you all are wondering what happened to Summer?  I know living in New Jersey we received rain just about every-weekend. Our beach time was limited to about six visits this year...The beauty of living close to the ocean is that we can still enjoy the beach in September and October.... This fall I will begin my blogging  adventure sharing[...]

We have plenty of time to plan and organize in January

We have plenty of time to plan and organize in January
Hello Friends! It is a snowy day in Toms River New Jersey.  Governor claimed a state of emergency in a few of our counties including Ocean County where we live, work and play.   I have to admit, I do love a snowy day to get organized and catch up on cleaning the office.  I am not sure how it happens, but our work table was filled with tiles, material samples and ca[...]

Fall Into DesignGetting your home ready for the holidays

Fall Into Design
It is hard to believe that the Thanksgiving holidays are turning the corner. If you are like me, you are probably hosting this years family dinner. On top of wanting to host a wonderful feast for the family, you may also be considering your home and the dining room that everyone will be in. Today, we want to show you some of our favorite selections that you could use [...]

Finding the right area rug

Finding the right area rug
Finding your personal style and picking out the right rug for a room in your home is one of the hardest part. It is also very difficult  to know what exactly your space needs as far as rug size and furniture placement.  I thought I would share some amazing pictures along with a sample of how the furniture should be placed on the rug. I love the layering of rugs e[...]

Home Improvements In Time For The Holidays – For Less Than $20Kby Wendy Dessler

Home Improvements In Time For The Holidays - For Less Than $20K
Home Improvements In Time For The Holidays - For Less Than $20K   Experts agree, your home is the single most important investment most of us ever make. It is the stability in an otherwise unstable financial world. However, keeping our home’s current in style and in good repair is costly. But, there are renovations you can do for under $20K and have th[...]


I'm really a beach girl, love my books, newspapers and magazines sitting in my beach chair on 5th Avenue in Seaside Park New Jersey.  So when labor day comes and I see the life guard chairs getting dragged away its a bit sad.  So the only way that I know to let go of summer and welcome another beautiful season  is to find items for my home that will make it comfy and [...]

5 Must Have Things for the Bedroom to Look Great!This post is written by Julie Austin

5 Must Have Things for the Bedroom to Look Great!
The ways you stylize your bedroom speak volumes about your creativity skills and how important your home décor is for you. But decorating the bedroom requires a lot of careful planning and the art of managing the finances at the same time. Since, there is no limit to home décor; chances are that you might go above your budget and end up overstuffing your bedroom for n[...]

Our Go To Colors

We have the wonderful opportunity of working with so many people.  We have real estate agents that are helping their home owners prep their homes for market.   Home owners that are anticipating placing the home on the market and want to spruce it up with a new color.  To homeowners that just want a change of color or want to add a pop of color.  This blog is interacti[...]

Fabric Information

Fabric Information
  When you hire an interior designer it is for many more reasons than just making your home look beautiful.  You are hiring an interior designer for their experience and expertise to avoid problems and issues that you many not be aware of , for an example  You and your designer spend hours looking for a material for your sofa in your family room. You find a pi[...]

Bathroom and Kitchen Rehab

Bathroom  and Kitchen Rehab
Our job can be so much fun!  We meet the most interesting people along the way.  We are currently working with a family in the Society Hill Section of Jersey City.   Here are some of  the renderings that Charles Messenger completed for our 2nd presentation  with our clients after the initial floor and reflective ceiling plan was approved.     [...]

Our 15 Step Project Management Strategy

Our 15 Step Project Management Strategy
The Harmonizing Homes Experience By Identifying and committing to a specific work flow through the 15 steps, clients are aware that their project will progress in a logia fashion.  Our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the dura[...]

It’s Over!

It's Over!
I woke up this morning to a chill in the air, its hard to believe the summer is almost over.  I'm being dive bombed by the acorns in the drive way and our pool is being closed today! The stores are displaying Halloween, Turkeys and  Christmas items which is stressing me out! I do have to admit that I do love Fall, leather boots and big Sweaters that I can hid under[...]


Hello Friends, I finally got to spend some time on the beach and thumb through some magazines.. Elle Décor, House Beautiful,  Elle, Men's Health and Architectural Digest to name a few.   So I thought I would share with you what some of the trends are for this coming  FALL ..... First, small spaces is all the rage right now, why not enjoy life more while living in a [...]

North BeachAsbury Park New JerseyNew Design Project

Asbury Park New Jersey
I can't tell you how lucky we are to have clients that live in these great places along the ocean....Today Charles and I headed out to meet the painter at the Condo complex right on Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park....If you haven't been to the area in a while its worth the trip..   We visited Robert Legere Designs on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park for some inspiration....t[...]

Why Should I hire a Interior DesignerIts Black and whiteHere are 5 reasons why

Its Black and white
1. Interior Designers Will Save You Money!!! – Some of us are conditioned to believe that interior designers are expensive, providing only highly priced items and adding a pricey “design fee” on top of that. But in reality, a good designer will help you avoid mistakes, which can be very costly. And at the completion of the project, everything “goes together”, looks pr[...]