Coastal Living: Staging a Waterfront Home

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A beautiful sunrise over the water is arguably one of the most peaceful views to wake up to. And while a waterfront view is definitely a selling point to potential buyers, the actual staging of a shore home is what completes the whole package! We recently staged this beautiful Ocean City, NJ home, and we wanted to share some tips as well as a behind-the-scenes look of what we did to achieve coastal living bliss!

Playing up the nautical elements of a waterfront home doesn’t necessarily mean decorating with rope, netting, or seashells which can end up looking over-the-top. It’s all about elevating the naturally beautiful and earthy aspects of the home through the right accent colors and furniture choices!

Loving Weathered Wood

Not only do hardwood floors add beauty and value to a home, but their versatility is also desirable! Neutral flooring can work with both warm and cool tones. With this medium-toned natural flooring, we were able to add a chrome lighting fixture paired with the black woven chairs. These elements add upscale decor touches while still maintaining their functionality. 

Breezy and Airy Layout

The open plan living and dining room layout was perfect for creating an airy and free-flowing vibe. The placement of the furniture nicely defines the spaces for both eating and relaxing without creating a stuffy atmosphere. These large floor-to-ceiling windows are ideal for making the most of natural light as well, but we know it’s not always possible. If you have smaller windows, choose white or eggshell-colored paint to help to reflect light, making the room appear larger. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Decorating a shore-front home doesn’t mean you have to stick with a white and turquoise color palette. Adding in accents of navy give this bedroom the feeling of a Hamptons getaway home. Abstract art is also wonderful to incorporate into your space! The soft, flowy brushstrokes in this painting still embody the colors of the beach without being an obvious painting of the ocean. 

Play Up the Porch!

A well-designed porch is inviting as well as relaxing.  A porch is a unique element that not all homes have, so it’s important to play up the possibilities it provides! Potential buyers will immediately picture themselves watching a rainstorm or sipping a cup of coffee while they watch the sunrise. Create the outdoor oasis of your dreams by adding cozy pillows, a coffee table, and an area rug!

Whether you’re painting with neutrals, adding colored throw pillows, or hanging contemporary art, you can achieve a cozy coastal interior living space with a few simple tweaks!

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