Decade to Declutter

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Do you want your home to look like the Pinterest perfect house where everything has a place? It is a new decade and it is time for a clean slate. In order to start new habits for 2020, start with small tasks! Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking you need to remove the whole house in one weekend. Break down your home into categories where clutter accumulates the most and start with one task! Here are some common areas where you can start.


First, take a look at what you have. If you are looking at a shirt with tags on it from 2007, be honest and know you are not going to wear it. Coats and winter outfits take up a tremendous amount of space whether you’re keeping them out year-round or in an attic. Remove the ones you haven’t worn since the blizzard of 1996. You will be surprised by the amount of space this clears!

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The dreaded cabinet of Tupperware where you have 40 containers and 82 caps. Take the time to match each piece and recycle the leftovers. If some have red sauce stains, get rid of them! Keep the counter-tops clear. If something doesn’t have a place and you used that high-end blender once, take the time to re-sell it. Keeping the counter space as clear as possible especially when selling your home is key to showing the working surface areas potential buyers are looking for.

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It is inevitable to accumulate hotel bottles, half-used shampoos, and lotions galore. These products actually have expiration dates. Take the time to remove any bottles or medicine with an expiration date. Only keep products that you use on the daily in the bathroom!

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NJ Organizations Accepting Donations

Skip the guilt of throwing away any items and donate to charities who are in need! There are many local organizations that you can send your items to. 

Monmouth County SPCA – Old Linens

Center for Food Action – Packaged foods

Mental Health Association Monmouth – Winter Clothes, Suitcases, Durable Clothes

Goodwill Donation Centers – All items

Creating simple routines during your daily life will help you keep the clutter at bay! Start small and you will see big changes. With all the new space you create, you can change up the décor in your home! For more tips on home décor and staging, head to our other blog posts!

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