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RainThe Beauty of RainAtmospheric Traffic Jam

The Beauty of Rain
Week Two Of Rain! Everyone is getting pretty tired in the North East of the rain!  Its all everyone is talking about with the exception of the leading candidates.  Its delayed us from doing two photo shoots of homes we have completed. We have to time our client delivery around the rain drops...however, I had a conversation with  a very soft spoken [...]

New friends and Old FriendsThose who have been harmonized..Party in the house

Those who have been harmonized..
Hello Friends, I wonder why someone just doesn't design a home with just a giant kitchen...who needs the rest of the matter what the size kitchen I have had in the past, everyone loves to party in the kitchen...  It was no different last night as Harmonizing Homes celebrated everyone that was Harmonized in one way or another.... Harmonizing Homes wa[...]

Did you ever have a great networking weekWoman at their bestTaking the steps one foot at a time

Woman at their best
I have just meet the greatest woman this past week, between the woman's entrepreneur rock event to a wonderful yoga studio in town called Truce.   I  walked into Truce the other day and was welcomed by Cheryl's as  if I was her long lost cool and rare except our business  of course is it that...... you walk into a busine[...]

“There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.I now know who I am!Guess what happened at the STONE PONY?

I now know who I am!
For years I was in disarray of who I really was.  When there was clarity I ignored my instincts and natural inclination.   I was always in an industry that I did not belong in and I knew that from 1980's.  A few years ago I accepted an attractive offer.  It was a larger paycheck and more responsibility  which was a compelling attraction[...]

Leaving DCMoving to Newport Rhode IslandIt all started with the inspiration board

Moving to Newport Rhode Island
  Do you believe that it is August already?????  I'm trying really trying to enjoy the summer and have as many friends and family over that I can.  This past week I had a few former colleagues over.  We worked together for the International Rescue Committee in NYC in various capacities.  We had a lovely lunch catching up and sharing new tho[...]

After Mom's 90th Birthday PartyBad Case of A.D.DDoes this happen to you ?

Bad Case of A.D.D
Hi there....I have been off the line so to speak for the last week as we were planning my mother's 90th birthday party at our home in Toms River NJ.....We had 65 guests and thank God there was no that the party is behind me it is time to get back on my game!  I fell asleep last night at 9:00 pm and awoke this morning at 8:00 am...I think I had too muc[...]

A day of SmilesSummer FunTaking a day off

Summer Fun
Hey there..... I don't know about you but summer is my favorite time of the year....For the very first time in our married life we have a in-ground pool.  We converted it over to a salt water pool early on this past spring and I really now know what all the rave is about.....Yesterday our grandchildren took a ride down to Toms River from their home town of Washi[...]

In ProgressOur HomeTouring Our Home

Our Home
Its a rainy Sunday so I decided to write Monday's Blog today....We moved into this home two days before Christmas this past December.   We love the openness and the flow of the house....It is a ranch so this will help as we grow older which is what you think about when you turn 60... Its a work in progress...nothing major just cosmetics.   Below is our kitch[...]