Moving to Newport Rhode Island

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Do you believe that it is August already?????  I’m trying really trying to enjoy the summer and have as many friends and family over that I can.  This past week I had a few former colleagues over.  We worked together for the International Rescue Committee in NYC in various capacities.  We had a lovely lunch catching up and sharing new thoughts and ideas as we have all gone in different directions so to speak…20150731_173420(0)_resized (1)


Abby (left)  stayed a few days as she made her way down from her home state of Rhode Island heading back to Washington DC. Kay (right) headed back to NYC.    Abby was up in Newport RI preparing her family home for the last month to be placed on the market for sale…. While the for sale sign hit the front lawn she had a Epiphany .  She was not going to sell, but rather move out of DC and move back to RI!!!  If you want to read an impressive back ground on Abby read  About Abby.

So what is a friend to do with a design background…..we started to plan.  What we did first was hit the stacks of magazines…and we made a inspiration board.  These were all the colors and styles that Abby visioned her home to look like. vision-board

Then we went shopping….first we hit the Home Goods and then we hit Marshall both in Toms River. (THIS WAS ON OF THREE CARTS)….


Then we got home and unloaded our finds…..loved the reaction of the shoppers going into the store as we told them there were no pillows anywhere to be found!



Then we got busy coordinating them all…..





Abby could not resist the new oven mitts which matched her outfit.

We did have a lot of fun, and its always great to help someones dreams become a realty…..We will keep you posted on all design elements as they develop with the Cape Cod Home on top of the hill in New Port Rhode Island that will be filled with colors and dreams that will be come reality…..


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