Woman at their best

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I have just meet the greatest woman this past week, between the woman’s entrepreneur rock event to a wonderful yoga studio in town called Truce.   I  walked into Truce the other day and was welcomed by Cheryl’s as  if I was her long lost friend…how cool and rare except our business  of course is it that…… you walk into a business and the owner remembers you and that you own your own business..  Cheryl is one of a kind that immediately wanted to help me market my business through networking.

Her yoga studio is wonderful, I walked in with the hip thing that I have going on and I walk out feeling amazing….there is really a sense of community there…and Cheryl is responsible for that vibe… so check her out for sure….TRUCE

Since starting Harmonizing Homes, I always headed towards the social media  which is what you are suppose to do, but it is the old fashion, talk, and engagement in conversation that gets the juices flowing….She was telling me about fund raisers that she has done in the area, and I instantly said what ever I can do I will help…. Which lead me to believe that she is totally into the community and brining awareness to issues….. Being community based is a wonderful way to help other’s in need….which can be contagious…as I was planning a thank you for everyone that has been harmonized by us since the beginning….I was planning on a little event in the beginning of December….as I thought about it….why not ask everyone that is invited to bring something for our local Grandmothers cupboard…and that folks is how it all works…..Thank You ladies for making me a better person this week..



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