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E-Design – AKA Out of the box design

E-Design - AKA Out of the box design
I haven't spoken  about our E-Design AKA,  out of the box designs in a while.   So, I wanted to go over the process of e-design  with you. ​This service will keep you organized and focused  so that you can implement it yourself and FAST. Out of the Box Design  is perfect for clients who: Want our Design services however, do not live close to us. Enjoys the DIY p[...]

After Mom's 90th Birthday PartyBad Case of A.D.DDoes this happen to you ?

Bad Case of A.D.D
Hi there....I have been off the line so to speak for the last week as we were planning my mother's 90th birthday party at our home in Toms River NJ.....We had 65 guests and thank God there was no rain....now that the party is behind me it is time to get back on my game!  I fell asleep last night at 9:00 pm and awoke this morning at 8:00 am...I think I had too muc[...]