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You just bought a new home!

You just bought a new home!
So many people are moving out of the crowded cities and buying homes at the Jersey Shore, due to the unpredictable pandemic and being able to work from home. The first question is, what do we bring with us, what do we donate, sell or throw out? The second question, will must likely be ;" Is my apartment furniture going to fit into my new home at the Jersey Shor[...]

5 Life-Changing Interior Design Ideas For Small Spacesby Wendy Dessler Guest Blogger

5 Life-Changing Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces
A strategic Approach A small space doesn’t have to be uncomfortable even if you stuff every nook and cranny with utility. With a little thought and consideration, you can do a lot with a little. You need to be willing to try new things, and change things up if they don’t quite work out. Following are five quick tips that can help you maximize space without sacrifici[...]

20 Things You Should Know About Working With an Interior DesignerAre you currently working with an interior designer? Here’s everything your interior designer wants you to know before getting started on a project.

20 Things You Should Know About Working With an Interior Designer
1. Make the time for your interior designer and try to eliminate any distractions during meeting 2. “No project is ‘bulletproof’…things will go wrong. It’s a process, but patience and teamwork always win big.” 3. “We cannot create a product that does not exist. Well, we maybe can, but be willing to pay for it.” 4. Make sure your home is clean and tidy before your[...]

Staging a vacant propertyWould you rather be dressed or undressed?A little eclectic

Would you rather be dressed or undressed?
Hello Friends, I'd personally would rather be dressed at my age as there are just toooo many imperfections.  However some people are much more confident and  would rather be naked.... Okay, let me rephrase that question...Would you buy a birthday cake that was missing the icing and the corners was missing those big sweet flowers&nbs[...]

Did you ever have a great networking weekWoman at their bestTaking the steps one foot at a time

Woman at their best
I have just meet the greatest woman this past week, between the woman's entrepreneur rock event to a wonderful yoga studio in town called Truce.   I  walked into Truce the other day and was welcomed by Cheryl's as  if I was her long lost cool and rare except our business  of course is it that...... you walk into a busine[...]

“There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.I now know who I am!Guess what happened at the STONE PONY?

I now know who I am!
For years I was in disarray of who I really was.  When there was clarity I ignored my instincts and natural inclination.   I was always in an industry that I did not belong in and I knew that from 1980's.  A few years ago I accepted an attractive offer.  It was a larger paycheck and more responsibility  which was a compelling attraction[...]

Habits of a Professional OrganizerOrganizationTips for keeping up with everything

One of the hardest things when you work at home is to stay focused.  I make fun of my self a lot because I really battle with the word focused.   I have anywhere from 8-10 browsers up on my computer at any time and I have an ongoing list of things that pop into my head.    A few things to help stay focused is to keep as organized as you can. Here[...]

Real Estate Staging Association July Meeting (RESA)Always Learning Ferguson's Bath Kitchen & Lighting Gallary

Always Learning
Hey.....just wanted to tell you about some additional resources that I learned about yesterday.....I am always looking and researching for places to shop for the best prices and products for my clients.   Yesterday our RESA meeting was held at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery on 207 Cooper Road in Middletown, NJ.   Rick Gallo, Lighting Manager &[...]

Presenting your portfolioA great way to present your workLearn something everyday

A great way to present your work
Hi there....every day I learn something new....  Remember the artist that I used for the staging project on  Vincenzo Drive in Toms River Kimberly Abbott...She sent me her portfolio with all of her available pieces of art for sale and for rent prices so that I have them for future stagings projects. She used ICloud Key note which was on [...]