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Staging a vacant propertyWould you rather be dressed or undressed?A little eclectic

Would you rather be dressed or undressed?
Hello Friends, I'd personally would rather be dressed at my age as there are just toooo many imperfections.  However some people are much more confident and  would rather be naked.... Okay, let me rephrase that question...Would you buy a birthday cake that was missing the icing and the corners was missing those big sweet flowers&nbs[...]

Did you watch the last HGTV Harmonizing Homes?Has Your Home Been Harmonized??Do you know why a house should be staged?

Has Your Home Been Harmonized??
I just asked you three questions....could you answer yes to any of them???  The First question is did you watch the last HGTV Harmonizing Homes??  Well we don't have a show yet????  However Charles is dying to have his own show... Most of you know that Charles and I do Interior Design and that I paint reclaimed furniture with Annie Sloan [...]