You just bought a new home!

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So many people are moving out of the crowded cities and buying homes at the Jersey Shore, due to the unpredictable pandemic and being able to work from home.

The first question is, what do we bring with us, what do we donate, sell or throw out? The second question, will must likely be ;” Is my apartment furniture going to fit into my new home at the Jersey Shore? The answer is probably not, due to size and scale of furniture. The third questions, how I’m I going to find the time to furnish my home?

We can help! we can start planning prior to your move, dealing directly with your Real Estate Agent. We can access your home prior to closing take photo’s and measurements. Getting every in motion prior to your move.

We can either provide e-design services or personal design services. We have a 3,500 square foot warehouse of furniture and accessories ready to furnish your home should you need immediate furnishings.

Check out our portfolio website for more information

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