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One of the hardest things when you work at home is to stay focused.  I make fun of my self a lot because I really battle with the word focused.   I have anywhere from 8-10 browsers up on my computer at any time and I have an ongoing list of things that pop into my head.    A few things to help stay focused is to keep as organized as you can. Here are a few ideas from some professional organizers.


1.  Make your bed every day

Professional organizers make their beds every day!  It is so funny as my sister and I will say oh, I didn’t even get to make the bed today….Making the bed was so ingrained in our up bringing… we had to make the bed!!

“Arguably the most important activity of the day, there’s really no excusing this one. Bed making promotes productivity throughout the day and will pave the way for an organized lifestyle. Plus, it’s a pleasure to get into a made bed at the end of a long day.”

2. Make a list of what to do today.

Writing a to do list for the day – This does work-

“Take a few minutes in the morning to jot down your goals for the day. Having a concrete list will keep you on track throughout the day and give you a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed.”


3. Deal with your clothes

You know the age old organization for the office as far as dealing with that piece of paper, Act, File or threw out….well it is the same for clothes…deal with them on an on going bases..

“Hang, launder, or fold every garment and DO NOT let anything hit the floor. Neglected clothing can slowly build up and lead to an overwhelming mound.”




4.  The Kitchen 

Deal with your kitchen  on a daily bases, clean out the refrigerator, throw out last week take out that is still sitting there….don’t forget the dogie bag that you had to bring home for the restaurant…

“Your kitchen and sink counters inevitably get dirty every day. So take a minute or two to wipe them down before you head to bed.”



5.  Deal with your mail daily

“Tend to your mailbox daily to avoid a build up of bill payments and to-dos. Immediately toss junk mail into recycling and store the rest in an active inbox so you’ll know where to find it.”  I deal with banking, bills, invoicing etc every Friday…it helps…. I have a bin where I put everything that I must act on.



6.  Take care of your purses and pockets and don’t forget your car

“Take a couple of minutes to throw away any receipts or trash that you’ve acquired throughout the day. Place loose change into your wallet or coin jar and make sure any loose papers are filed or thrown away.”  Okay, this is not me….I seem to dump one pocket book into another….

7.  Before Bed

“Before heading to bed, mentally walk through the next day and do your best to prepare for it. Set aside necessary items and pack up your bag so you can grab it on the fly if need be.


House Beautiful – 9 things professional organizers do by Jessica Cumberbathc Anderson

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