Would you rather be dressed or undressed?

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Hello Friends,

I’d personally would rather be dressed at my age as there are just toooo many imperfections.  However some people are much more confident and  would rather be naked…. Okay, let me rephrase that question…Would you buy a birthday cake that was missing the icing and the corners was missing those big sweet flowers  that everyone fights for….Of course you wouldn’t…nor would you go around undressed; well maybe in Time Square  ….So why would you even try to sell a home that has no visual affect.   Eighty percent of people can not visualize how a home would look with furniture….However if it had furniture…what is the first thing that you think about….Ahhhh we can put the Christmas tree in the corner over there next to the couch….

Charles and I just finished a home in Toms River New Jersey …..I have to say we had so much fun doing this home…We had to spend 15 minutes picking out candy for the bedroom tray so that it would match the cup and saucer…. Charles was like pipe piper in Home Goods….everyone was just wondering what he was going to do with  all the goodies in the cart…. Here are some of the pictures…we are having our photographer  Frank on Monday….but I couldn’t wait to show you…

Side by side family oom

Living Room Features Dining Room Cow side by side Bedroom


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