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Selling Your Home?Spring Is HereIs your home picture perfect for the camera?

Spring Is Here
Hello Friends, As many of you know not only are we designers of interiors we also market homes.  You may be wondering what does marketing a homes mean?  Your home is actually a commodity.  A commodity needs to attract  buyers correct?   So how do you do that with your home? I know what's with all the questions.  I wa[...]

Did you watch the last HGTV Harmonizing Homes?Has Your Home Been Harmonized??Do you know why a house should be staged?

Has Your Home Been Harmonized??
I just asked you three questions....could you answer yes to any of them???  The First question is did you watch the last HGTV Harmonizing Homes??  Well we don't have a show yet????  However Charles is dying to have his own show... Most of you know that Charles and I do Interior Design and that I paint reclaimed furniture with Annie Sloan [...]