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Hello Friends,

As many of you know not only are we designers of interiors we also market homes.  You may be wondering what does marketing a homes mean?  Your home is actually a commodity.  A commodity needs to attract  buyers correct?   So how do you do that with your home?

I know what’s with all the questions.  I want you to understand that in today’s real-estate market its all visual.  In the 90s you would meet a agent on a Saturday Morning and he/she would have printed out multiply listings and you would head out the door for viewings.  The listings were based on price and location that you were looking for.

Today people go on line and enter the price and location they are looking for.  Click on the Zillow link,  I just typed in location via zip code and price Zillow .

Immediately you can see for your self what home looks better because of how it was photographed.  You automatically want to click on that photo.

The exterior has to be prepped, by cleaning up the yard. The interior needs to be painted with neutral colors .  You need to edit your furniture less is more when selling your home. Remove all personal items such as family photo’s religious items etc.

Hiring a professional stager is highly recommend which can cost you $3,000- 5,000 for 6 months on a average size home 3 bedrooms, living and dining area.   The next thing that is recommended is a professional photographer it will  make a world of difference.  If you can’t afford a stager , hire a stager on a consultation bases.  They will make the recommendations and  you stage your own home, using your furniture.  It is worth the investment straight away, rather than waiting 2-3 months and you end up reducing the price to attract buyers… Do the prep first and you will see results….

Below is an example of a non professional and professional photograph – It’s worth the 200.000 dollar investment .


Also, you need to interview agents and make sure you review how they will market you home after you have done your part.    Below is some links of various staged homes.  I want you to notice the quality of the photographs.  The Vacant Home with rented furniture was not professional photographed.

Occupied Home with clients own furniture

Vacant Home with rented furniture

Turn Key Beach House

Investor’s Home Flip

Here are some of my paint recommendations (by Benjamin Moore)

  Neutral’s – Beiges

To be used with Earthy Tile, Browns Gold, oranges green granite

Manchester Tan

Carrington Beige

Grant Beige

Hazy Skies

Neutral – Greys

Use with cool elements , Marble, Back/white floor or countertops, guartz

Stonington Gray

Seattle Mist

Gray Owl

My go to photographer is Frank  Z of  Motion City Photographer

Corinne of Harmonzing Homes.con




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