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September Is Here!Our kick off give away

September Is Here!
Hello All!! I am sure that you all are wondering what happened to Summer?  I know living in New Jersey we received rain just about every-weekend. Our beach time was limited to about six visits this year...The beauty of living close to the ocean is that we can still enjoy the beach in September and October.... This fall I will begin my blogging  adventure s[...]

Stage A House For Who Is Moving Into The Neighborhood.

Stage A House For Who Is Moving Into The Neighborhood.
Are you a professional home Flipper (Real Estate Investor)?  Have you just poured a considerable amount of time, effort, and money into flipping a house and you’re ready to sell??  All the Professional home flippers that I know face unique considerations when selling their newly renovated properties. Home staging can be key for how to flip a home. Profession[...]

Behind The SceenA Typical Day As A Interior Designer /Home StagerIt usually starts out with a cup of coffee

A Typical Day As A Interior Designer /Home Stager
Hello Friends, Today it started out with measuring out my coffee into my coffee cup instead of my expresso maker...then, I closed my finger in the door as I was running out to yoga.. Not a good start. However it did get better.... At Harmonizing Homes we could be designing a house one day and/or staging a home for sale on another day....When I refer to WE - its Cha[...]