You have to start somewhere

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Taking the first step in any design project or a new life chapter is always hard.  We all know we have to start somewhere….but not always sure where that is exactly?   I’m going to give you the answer~ it is right where you are…  You need to start with what you know….where is your comfort level?   It is like doing a jigsaw puzzle you start with the straight pieces because they are generally  easy to align ….and then you take your time to fill in the rest….and eventually it all fits.  Layer by Layer is how the best rooms evolve which is usually over time.  I find this so true in all aspects of life,  whether its your relationship, your business or a design project.

When you run your own business it is import to start with what you know and then begin to add the layers….we are working on some new layers at Harmonizing Homes….which will help those that are in need of starting to align those straight pieces in the puzzle to complete the entire picture.  We will be announcing our new layer on January 15th ….



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As a realtor or home stager, have you ever walked into a home that is going to be marketed for sale and there is no time for a good sprucing up? As the owner of Harmonizing Homes; home staging/real estate marketing company, I questioned our ability to provide our standards and brand. What can we do to highlight this homes possibility to stand out as a diamond in the rough.

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