Painted Ceiling

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Hello Friends,

I finally did it!… kitchen ceiling is painted….I have been talking about this for a long time!  It is very easy for me to help other people with picking colors and applying them on to various surfaces… However if I picked a color and then didn’t like it after my husband painted it…..well lets just say it would not be too pretty around the rambling ranch on Briar Ave.  So this is what I did…I picked three colors and went to my local Benjamin Moore dealer …. I used the collection from the Color Stories .. I picked out of the Shades of Gray Collection.  I bought three small containers and a little sponge roller and placed paint at various areas of light in the kitchen.  We settled on Chateau CSP 140.  The Pigments in this line of paint is between 5-7 so the results are amazing.   My picture really doesn’t do justice to the true color…  Keep this as a reference for some amazing colors here is the link….click on one of the books to see the various colors that are available.  Here is the link color stories.  Stop on by on December 4th …..







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