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Hello Friends,

On December 3rd I ran into Marshalls to pick up a outfit to wear at our first thank you to our clients party.  I was totally amazed that the racks were bare, and most of their clothing was on clearance.  The featured attire was workout clothing….racks and racks ….it amazes me how retail works….They are all ready for January’s resolutions for losing that 10-20 pounds again.  The music was still pumping in holiday music however, the lack of inventory sent me into a panic mode….thinking about what I still need to do and don’t have the time to do it..

I always feel that the holidays begin once Rockefellers  Center’s Tree is lite…however in suburbia the retailers rush the season starting at Halloween and clearly decide to pull the plug early.  For this very reason I wanted to keep everyone in the present” Holiday Season” ….I love to keep the magic and spirit alive through out December!     “Live in the here and now”   …Do something nice for someone….bring your neighbor some home baked goods….

Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukah!

Here are a few of my favorites:


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