Finding inspiration in Vermont

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Hello Friends,

I look for inspiration on a daily bases.  I usually start my day on Tumbler searching for ideas saving pinning and sharing.   This weekend my husband I were up in Woodstock Vermont for a long weekend…I have forgotten why I love that state so much.  It breeds beauty ….as we drove up on Friday the sun was setting and the mountains were a purple glow…and I felt so excited to be back up in Vermont after a 10 year absence.   We stayed in “On The River Inn” in Wood stock , absolutely beautiful….

Bistro-bar-lounge-gallery- After a day of shopping, touring and  soaking in the beautiful country side…. Our heads were filled with ideas for Harmonizing Homes.  We purchased a wooden bowl at Simon Pearce which had a unique grey wash stained. ( of course we did research on how it was done) I had thought this would look great on my client’s bench that we built…however there would not be enough time to complete by Thanksgiving…. The weathering is a few days in processing…. So I asked Megan if she and EJ would mind a unstained custom bench for Thanksgiving an they agreed… them both!!


Duffy’s unstained Thanksgiving Bench..


Duffy’s Thanksgiving Bench wrapped


Then I discovered a pottery place that I LOVED~ LOVED ~LOVED..  You can be sure that these pieces will be used in some of our more rustic, beachy designs in the future…Just take  look at some of these pictures from the Farm House Pottery.   pottery Apron


Our weekend came to and end, and we had to leave this state of endless creativity…I did bring back a lot of ideas….which I will be sharing with you…  Thanks You All for supporting me …..May you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Thank you for the breathe to say
Thank you for another day

Thank you for the eyes to see the world of beauty surrounding me
Thank you for the ears to hear your message of hope loud and clear
Thank you for the hands to serve and far more blessings than I deserve
Thank you for the legs to run the race of life until it’s won

Thank you for the voice to sing
Thank you Lord for everything



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