Its all about your 5 senses

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Nothing triggers memories quite like a fragrance.  With me it is the smell of fresh raspberries I can remember being in my Tata’s back yard in her raspberry patch picking fresh berries and eating them as fast as I picked them.. I think of her every time I pick up a carton on raspberries.  Some scents can be good and some other’s not so good…  Like cologne, the scent of a room should never overpower  you never want to have a home that you are staging to have a strong cover up scent.


I don’t know about you but when I walk into one of those big box stores looking for light bulbs I get totally confused.  A quick fix to sight is to change the way you see things by simply changing out the light source.  Light has amazing powers over mood.  The Mayo Clinic defines light therapy as “a way to treat seasonal affective disorder, depression and certain other conditions by exposure to bright artificial light.  When staging a house light is probably the cheapest easies tool that we have.  The exposure of Natural Light is the best, it can be filter and diffused to create  something ambient and romantic simply by adding some window fashions.


I smile as I lay in bed and listen to the wind chimes or my favorite musical group which is U2…..Setting the tone in a home with soft playing music in the back ground is another amazing no evasive easy way to play into the senses.  I recently purchased Sonos sound system.  Its a small speaker that can fit on a bookshelf in a inconspicuous way.  Large exposed speakers can disrupt the tranquility of a room.

TASTE   CandyDish_2

I don’t know too many people that can pass a candy bowl of mints inside a restaurant without spooning a handful or two…  People love chocolates so add a decorative bowl on a small table where the relators can place their cards and grab a piece or two.  It will not be a deal breaker however it is a nice jester and folks may remember your house as the one that had the bowl of candy.

TOUCH  pPOLO2-6316928_lifestyle_v360x480

I can’t go into a store with out touching and feeling things….Nothing screams luxury as silks, soft cottons, chenille’s,  faux furs, cut velvets tassels, alpaca, cashmere… So when making up the master bedroom the choices for the bedding must be luxurious …you want people to touch that soft blanket that is placed so carefully on the edge of the bed.  You want people to fall in love with the feel of the room….



feature image – “Five senses” by Allan-Hermann Pool – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons – five senses

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