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Back in I want to say 2001, which was a few years after the Bosnia /Serbian war; I traveled from Bosnia to Croatia while working for the International Rescue Committee.    Our final destination was in Dubrovnik Croatia which is an amazing walled city on the Adriatic Sea.   Before leaving I wanted to buy something to remember this beautiful city by….I purchased a piece of art done in pencil.   The framing and matting that I had done awhile ago no long fit with my decor.

While sitting on the beach this weekend, I was reading in House Beautiful about some on line framing companies…So I thought I see how easy it is to use and send my piece out for re-framing…

The first company  – I could not get past putting in the dimensions – this is the message I received….and all I did was add the type of art work it was “original on paper” and the size 11X15.

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

The next company Framebridge  Didn’t give you options – I liked the antique silver frame, but wanted black matting….I was only offered white, off white or no matting…….I was looking for dark grey or black… this on line framing company didn’t work for me either…

The next company Framed and Matted  went well!  I picked out a frame, and matting and thought I would be mailing my print to them for framing….Welll,  that was not the case and I already hit send with my Credit card information.    I had taken the measurements of the matting where the actual picture is smaller than the mat board its only 7.5 x 11 ….So I quickly sent out a message to them as they do not have a contact number… So I’m waiting …..I received a message back asking how they can help.  I indicated the size I needed and now waiting to hear back….again no contact number which is getting me nervous…

Okay, so all is well….just received a message and they are actually sending a tube, so that I can send my art work to them for mounting…. They are not to quick in responding but all is well…..

So I will be showing you the finish product when I receive….

my name


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