How to Pair Different Textures While Staging a Home

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Every day, millions of potential home buyers search sites like Zillow,, and Instagram to find their dream home. This makes it more important now than ever that you are using high-quality photos for your listing. Now, what results in great visuals? Staging! Staging transforms your home into a model, which is why our family at Harmonizing Homes is here to help you. Staging involves incorporating every aspect of the home into a perfect synergy. This includes the textures held within. It might not be noticeable but the textures of a room give buyers an instant feeling. Here are our master tips for pairing different textures when staging a home.

Perks of Texture

The textures in a home are so much more than just a “look” or “feel.” They give a home character and attract your attention. When you see a texture, you can assume what it feels like and instantly begin to associate senses with it. Soft feel? Must be comfortable. Hard and cool? Probably feels relaxing. The perks offered by texture when staging a home are exactly what makes a room interesting. You want it to catch the eye and really pop when potential buyers are scrolling through a sea of listings. Texture allows potential buyers to witness and experience:

  • Personality
  • Uniqueness
  • Warm feelings
  • Shows how comfortable the home can be

Since there are always so many homes on the market, it pays off to mix things up a bit and the perfect way to do so is with textures.

Create A Style

Every home has a style. No matter where the house is located or what how it’s designed, there’s a unique feel to it. When you add texture, you add an extra layer of style to a room. Some fantastic combinations are soft carpets and hardwood floors or cool stainless steel appliances and smooth subway-style tiles. Style also attracts potential buyers. No one wants a flat boring home they are going to have to spice up themselves. To us, showcasing a home with unique style is an incredible pleasure.

Adds Comfort

Have you ever seen a room without textures? Looks like a concrete square. What many people don’t understand is that textures actually add a lot of comfort. Picture a cute little home next to the sea, when you go inside, you see the texture of the various woods used to build it. It adds to the charm and look of the home. No one wants to feel like they are living in an empty basement, which is why pairing different textures can add next-level comfort. Combining the warm look of a rug with a soft wood gives a cozy feeling. We’ll take the necessary steps in our staging to choose and maximize the texture combinations to provide a layer of comfort to the home.

Harmonizing Homes will give nothing short of our best with every home we work with. Our passion is turning an ordinary house into an extraordinary space. Let us transform your home into the best version of itself. To learn more about home staging and Harmonizing Homes, read our blog!

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