Staging Your Listing for Photographs this Spring

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The spring market is set to explode which makes being online more important now than ever! How are you preparing your listings? If you aren’t staging and getting professional photos, you are letting your fellow realtors gain an edge on you. Nearly all real estate is based on online searches in 2019. Every month, nearly 35 million hopeful buyers visit sites such as Zillow to search for their next home. No matter how great a house is, if the photos you’re using don’t reflect that, the interest will dwindle. At Harmonizing Homes, we offer a one-of-a-kind home staging service that allows the beauty of your home to be maximized. We will professionally stage your home, turning it from just another house to someone’s dream home. What are the benefits of professionally staging your home and shooting high-quality photographs? Let us tell you!

The Spring Market

Spring is here which means the spring market is in full swing. What does this period look like for real estate in 2019? A very promising season for buyers and agents. Despite downswing in February, the market is bouncing back just in time for spring. Now is the time to buy as the market is favoring buyers for the moment. However, despite this increased push, buyers are encouraged to take their time rather than rush into a deal. The wait-and-see approach is set to allow buyers to play the long-game and potentially bring them to their dream home. The markets are in full bloom this spring and you need to capitalize on them!

What Staging Offers

We know it’s easy to take a few shots on your phone and upload them before you’re out the door, but anyone can do that. If you really want your home to look it’s best, you need to have it professionally staged. What does staging entail? It involves transforming a home into a model. New paint, a thorough cleaning, repairs, and perfect lighting are used to make the home into a work of art. This greatly increases a home’s appeal to potential buyers by making it look bigger and better. Take your listings to the next level by allowing Homaronizing Homes to stage it for the perfect photo shoot!

Capturing the beauty

Now that your home is artfully staged, it is essential to capture it with a high-quality camera operated by a professional. This will ensure that every single detail is harnessed and the majesty that is your listing can shine. Images taken on an iPhone simply will not cut it, especially when so many listings are showcased on social media platforms, such as Instagram, so it is essential to only be promoting the best of the best. By adding big, stunning images of a home to a presentation, you will instantly become more of an asset to your clients and can minimize the time that their home is on the market.

At Harmonizing Homes, we give nothing but 110% on every home we work with. From small ranch styles to gigantic beach mansions, we are ready to make your home look like a work of art. We’ll repair, clean, and repaint your home until it looks like perfection. Don’t wait, let us transform that basic house into somebody’s dream home today. To learn more about us and staging, check out our blog!

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