Here Comes The Bride

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Did your daughter and/or son get engaged?  Didn’t it seem like just yesterday and now the wedding is  5, 6, 7, 8 months away…… June is the most popular month for weddings, then August, followed by September and October…. Do you have a lot of out of town guest coming?  Is your house ready? No?….. don’t wait until you have wedding brain (A less invasive, but more expensive version of a frontal lobotomy).  If the nuptials are in June you have 6 months….it take any where from 2-4 months to order custom furniture.  Window treatments 6-10 weeks…depending on what you are getting done…and there is the carpet, finding and hiring a painter, hanging wall paper, new lamps and on and on… So it is time to start planning… and writing down your goals along with a timeline…


From the moment guests begin to arrive in town through the end of the ceremony, the mother of the bride is the official hostess, helping each guest feel welcome.  I ask again is your home ready?  Maybe you need some new window treatments, a couch?  Perhaps just a little staging, some new accessories, pillows and new wall color?    Did you think about new towels?  Do you have some new unstained table clothes? OMG, the rungs of the chairs in the kitchen keep coming unglued….before you become unglued we can help with a fresh set of eyes in your home.  Call us at 917-699-1262 to help you make a punch list of things that we think need to be done before your out of town guests head to your living room for a gin and tonic.  Oh, no you forgot tall glasses….no worries give us a call we will take care of you needs… We are here to help you make your daughters/sons day a memoriable one at the home front.tumblr_nr81o66tKy1sbqfz9o1_1280


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