Fifth Floor View

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Its been some time since I sat down and wrote a blog!   We have been working with this great couple from Ortley Beach New Jersey that are moving to Asbury Park…..Asbury is booming with great restaurants,  shops and the music scene is amazing…Our clients have a fifth floor condo overlooking the North Beach.  They will be moving in the second week in March….so the count down is on…  The owners were in Florida for the last month and just arrived home this weekend…We have been coordinating the Painters, Electricians , and Paper hangers while they were away.   So I thought I would give you just a sneak preview now that they have seen it…I can show you what we have done thus far.  Our client wanted color!  Lots of color ….they entire condo will be so alive with color.  I can’t wait to show you the rest.


Master Bedroom Before

Before the color



After Paint Master Bedroom

After the paint and Philip Jefferies wall covering



Our solo painter…..who is amazing – Funny story, we meet each other at Sherwin Williams store one day….I really liked his truck so I asked him for his card…..He ended up painting a friend of mine’s house.  She told him about me and he said “yeah” I know her we had exchanged cards awhile ago.  Its funny how people come into your live…

James Truck

You don’t have to advertise with this truck!



Our paper hanger –  Look him up he does great work….but I don’t think he will come this far again…He is located out in the Philadelphia  area.



This is their view….can you just imagine… waking up to this every morning…. Live is good and I am grateful to have met some amazing people along the way…



Painter – James Gilbert

Paper Hanger – Steve Seidman

Paint Colors – Sherwin Williams Sun Rise/Sun Set

Wall Paper – Philip Jefferies – Tess Turquoise




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