Selling Your Home This Spring?

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I have been staging homes since 2009…some years are better than others in the Real Estate World….  This spring and early summer is going to be great for the market sales…Why you may ask? People are wanting  to sell and move on before the uncertainty of the upcoming elections…Will interest rates change?

Baby Boomers are going to want to unload their homes, and downsize to a smaller home.  The other group that is out their looking right now is the Millennials ages 18-34 looking for starter homes…. The market will be flooded with new inventory and lots of people looking for the perfect home for their price range and location.

Every article that is out there regarding the sale of your house mentions home staging….In this day and age it is a must!  You need to invest in staging in order for you home to sell quickly and for more money….Why?  The first view of your home will be on the internet….so those pictures have to be professional shot and the home has to be staged.    Here is an interesting article that I found

If you are looking for an agent call me and I can give you a few recommendations – You should interview a few real estate agents- check out their track record, the marketing packages…

For professional photography as I mentioned its a must – My go to guy Frank of Moton City Media  888-771-7872.  Call us for more information…




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