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Now that fall is around the corner (there I said it)  it is time to focus on the interior of our homes… I don’t know about you??? however,  in our home it is a rule that we do not do any work in the interior of our house during the summer.  Its all about being out doors and enjoying alfresco dining and hanging out pool side enjoying the sun and warmth……but reality is that school starts next month and we all return to a normal routine.


Chincoteague Oysters from VA…in a sherry vinegar mignonette and a nice bottle of Poully Fusse’

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Grand son Jake age 7 surfing in pool.



So in this blog I am featuring some idea’s for a featured wall in your home….One wall shout out wall can make all the difference in your home….It doesn’t necessarily need to be a wall with outstanding architectural features.  It can be a plan ordinary wall in a main room of your home.  The materials that you can use are endless, from fabric to stone.


Accent a wall with reclaimed antique doors


Line a wall with reclaimed wood for a warm cozy look.


The use of fabric in draperies is a great accent wall feature.


Probably the most inexpensive way to feature a wall is by using paint.

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Built -ins are a beautiful way to accent a wall.





Built -ins’ and a ceiling are the featured walls in this bedroom.




Add a chalk board using chalk paint found at your local hardware store.



A bathroom wall of wood breaks down the white…giving it a warmer element.


The built-ins and accent pieces are used to feature this living area’s walls.


Don’t forget wall paper is back in Vogue….a bit more expensive then paint, but more dramatic


Top of the expense scale, the use of stone as an accent wall..


Lets not forget some art work to use on your featured wall.


This is my featured wall in my family room….a large piece of art work and some vases.


Well, I hope that I gave you some inspiration for your upcoming fall projects…..In our home, we are going to finish painting the rooms….as we moved in two days before Christmas …so not everything was completed before the warmer weather arrived….

Let me know if you have any name




















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