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I started collecting Ivory colored  McCoy and Hull Pottery  years ago….We were still living in the original house where the kids grew up, which was in the early 1990’s.  We would head out to Lambertsville area early in the morning and comb the booths for pieces… I have always been in love with pottery including hand thrown pieces.  I took a pottery glass in college and ended up auditing the class for an additional three (3) semesters…..


Above is my collection that I currently have.  It  has traveled from the James-port House, to the Maine Street House, to West 100 and Riverside to West 83rd to 21 River Road to Briar Avenue….the only house it never made its presences was the Bayshore house.   The pieces are not really worth much these days as the market has changed…. but I still love them!!!!




People collect and display many things…..the trick to it is  in groupings and consistency in colors and shapes….  In my grouping I have added a few green pieces for some pop of color…. I’m including some pictures that I found on Tumblr…. a great place for inspiration…..I hope you get some ideas and start  displaying your collections…



As you can see in the picture above the person is very much into collecting vintage vases  and kept the collection very shelf specific.




A glass cabinet is a beautiful way to display your collection without the threat of dust…..its a plus…..





Just love this monochromatic look to this display especially how it plays off the artwork…


tumblr_nt6yrl7l7w1t1mnt2o1_500 This is a beautiful display of shells….and sea coral that would look just beautiful at any beach house.


tumblr_n8g4zv9GZB1qgn7e1o1_540Above is a coffee table that is artfully displaying some wooden objects and some vintage architectural elements.











Remember the best way to start any collection is by going to area flea markets…its fun to be on the hunt for something specific…..  Enjoy…..share with me your pictures….I would love to see them…..



Don’t forget to send me pictures of your collection……I’ll feature them on a future blog.

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