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Well, its 20 days until fall…. It is the end of the free flow of summer time fun and the start of one of the most beautiful seasons Fall!   The cooler weather brings out warm blankets, comfy pillows, socks and sweaters.

I remember my mother would change her drapes and bedding every year for the fall and winter months…she still does at age 90 God bless her.

Believe it or not sleep scientists have indicated that the quality of your mattress pillows and linen’s actually have an affect on how well you sleep.  So it is wise to choose your mattress size wisely.    Your headboard will actually be the center piece of your room.  Splurge on your bed linens there are so many different kinds of sheets available.   You want something that is durable and has a softness and smoothness to the fabric. The higher thread count does not necessarily mean a superior sheet.

Don’t forget pillows….did you know that you should actually replace your sleeping pillows every 12-18 months.


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The random question that we picked from last weeks question(s)

“I am repainting my 2 story family room and hallway. Previously I had 2 darker shades on 2 walls and the rest was a lighter shade. I was wondering if it would be better if I paint one wall darker as an accent wall. If so, would it be the wall with the fireplace and all the windows or the wall to the left. I’m concerned painting both walls darker may be too much” Connie

I love double height spaces!  I would paint all walls the same lighter color, or if you want an accent wall- go for the fireplace walls to keep that the focal point.

Keep sending in your questions….we love hearing from you … Questions?

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