Decade to Declutter

Decade to Declutter
Do you want your home to look like the Pinterest perfect house where everything has a place? It is a new decade and it is time for a clean slate. In order to start new habits for 2020, start with small tasks! Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking you need to remove the whole house in one weekend. Break down your home into categories where clutter accumulates the most and[...]

A Kitchen Sells A Home… Or Does It?

A Kitchen Sells A Home... Or Does It?
As the most utilized room in a house, the kitchen is truly the heart of a home. Watch any HGTV show or scour the Internet for advice on selling a home quickly, and you are sure to find tips on showcasing your kitchen in the best light. Freshly painted cabinets, updated appliances, and a multifunctional center island are all aspects that will “wow” potential buyer[...]

Coastal Living: Staging a Waterfront Home

Coastal Living:  Staging a Waterfront Home
A beautiful sunrise over the water is arguably one of the most peaceful views to wake up to. And while a waterfront view is definitely a selling point to potential buyers, the actual staging of a shore home is what completes the whole package! We recently staged this beautiful Ocean City, NJ home, and we wanted to share some tips as well as a behind-the-scenes lo[...]