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As a realtor or home stager, have you ever walked into a home that is going to be marketed for sale and there is no time for a good sprucing up?

As the owner of Harmonizing Homes; home staging/real estate marketing company, I questioned our ability to provide our standards and brand. What can we do to highlight this homes possibility to stand out as a diamond in the rough.

There are only a small percentage of people that can visualize a home’s potential without staging. This is especially true in a vacant property. When touring a vacant home, the majority of people will feel confused and a bit overwhelmed, attempting to picture what the space could look like.


The first thing that came through my mind is that we need to let the natural light in. It was dark and dreary. We had no time to paint, so the best solution was to remove the window treatments. Get some new light bulbs and get rid of the furniture.


We added some floor lamps, mirrors for reflected light and lots of white furniture.

We added some updated furniture and accessories to show the potential homeowner the possibilities this home has.

We will continue to follow and feature this home as it hits the market place.

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