3 Easy Ways to Stage your Bedroom to Attract Potential Buyers

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When looking for a home we’re typically on the hunt for the biggest kitchen and the nicest living room. One aspect that gets overlooked is the bedroom when preparing the home for a photo shoot. Your sightly kitchen and livingroom picturess may get people in the door, but a spacious or seemingly spacious bedroom will impact the final decision.

If you are nervous about the size of your bedroom, don’t fret! There are simple ways to make even the smallest spaces a bit more vast with the right tips and tricks!

Clean and Organize

Your first step should be to dust, vacuum and wipe down all surfaces of your bedroom. Next is to declutter! As you begin to move your belongings out of the house, it should be quite easy to remove the clutter that once occupied your end tables and dressers. Removing your trinkets and replacing them with minimal decor will provide the illusion of a beautiful spacious room to reside in after a long day.

Lighting and Paint Color

If you plan to repaint your bedroom upon moving out, it would be helpful to use light colors for the ceiling and walls as dark colors tend to cave in on us. Taking advantage of natural light for your photos will benefit you greatly. If you do not have access to natural light in your room, you can compensate with overhead light as well as placing lamps in corners of the bedroom allowing the light to bounce and travel across two walls.


The neutral shades of the walls will provide you freedom when it comes to the bedspread. If the comforter is also quite neutral, colorful pillows with curtains that match will tie the room together with minimal effort. A bedroom is meant to be cozy, so adding a rug to a hardwood floor will make the potential buyer a step closer to feeling at home.

These tips provide the opportunity for buyers to really picture themselves living in a new space. With adequate lighting and some cozy decor in a clean space, a buyer will feel welcome and right at home!

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