A Kitchen Sells A Home… Or Does It?

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As the most utilized room in a house, the kitchen is truly the heart of a home. Watch any HGTV show or scour the Internet for advice on selling a home quickly, and you are sure to find tips on showcasing your kitchen in the best light. Freshly painted cabinets, updated appliances, and a multifunctional center island are all aspects that will “wow” potential buyers. 

So would you ever consider purchasing a home without one? That’s right, no refrigerator, no dishwasher, no oven or stove. 

Do you think the aesthetic, layout, and decor of the other rooms could sway your purchasing decision? Well, that’s exactly what happened with one of our most recent endeavors. Not only was this home sold sans kitchen, but the buyer also purchased the furniture used to stage every other room! 

Curious to see what the rest of the house looks like? Take a virtual tour below!

Who wouldn’t want to walk into this gorgeous living room every day?! The dark-trimmed arch windows and stone fireplace created the perfect canvas for us to have fun with this space! We added a lot of mirrored accents and faux fur for an urban and modern atmosphere. 

We set up this little sitting area in front of these gorgeous windows. 

A little touch of greenery is always a good thing!

This stone fireplace is classic and timeless. We added some throw pillows on either side to make it a bit cozier. 

A black, gold and white color palette instantly makes this master bedroom feel more upscale and elegant. 

At Harmonizing Homes, we know the impact professional staging has on a potential buyer, and this home is just one of many success stories we’re lucky to be a part of! So if you’re in the market to sell, you might want to skip the kitchen remodel and instead ask yourself, “How quickly can Harmonizing Homes get here?!”

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