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Okay, what happened to summer??…..We left on Friday September 25th for a few days of vacation down in warm sunny South Carolina….Came back on Wednesday and summer’s door was slammed shut!  Its cold, grey and rainy….. and everyone is stocking and gassing up for….

Hurricane JOAQUIN

but enough of things that are out of my control…….

We were able to spend a few days with some very dear friends of ours that moved down to Charleston area of South Carolina last year from Spring Lake Heights NJ…. Our visit was filled with laughter, food and wine….you can’t ask for a more relaxing vacation.. which is very hard for some people i.e. my husband!  He can not sit still… He had to do something.. talk about precision…..look at these pictures dead center and 2″ spacing….I would have eye balled it…


Before they left NJ…..we had talked about painting their bedroom set…which never happened for various reasons…Ellen decided she was going to try her hand in painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  We headed to Charleston Revisions in Mount Pleasant SC for our supplies.   First we worked on a few samples to decide what color we were going to use on this project… these are the colors that were decided on….

chalk Before we got started I wanted to show how various shades could be achieved by simply adding some old white to the Chateau Grey and Versailles….here are the results….with a little red wine splashed on there… we decided on  50% Chateau Grey and 50% old white without the splash of red wine.


Now we had to head out to the store for some sand paper, paint brushes….well lets say we ended up getting a cart…as we decided to do some planting also….


Okay now we get down and dirty…..we mixed up the paint and headed into the garage….put on some tunes and away we went…


We are done for the day………


Meet the Woodward’s aka Woody and Ellen

Here is some snippets of their beautiful home that they built on James Island South Carolina….









Here are same pictures of the surrounding area that we visited.. It truly is a beautiful part of our country…..with plenty of creative inspiration…..


DSC_0347 DSC_0348 DSC_0349

DSC_0379 DSC_0350



Beautiful lunch at Blind Tiger in Charleston which was a speak easy in 1893….



Crosby’s Fish and Shrimp Company on Folly Road …great view and wonder fresh scallops



Living Room Furniture – Coral Berry Cottage 

Dining – FIG (Food is Good)

Builder – Freeman’s Point Front Door Community 

Until the next time we meet my friends…..


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