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We have the wonderful opportunity of working with so many people.  We have real estate agents that are helping their home owners prep their homes for market.   Home owners that are anticipating placing the home on the market and want to spruce it up with a new color.  To homeowners that just want a change of color or want to add a pop of color.  This blog is interactive….by clicking  on the links you will be able to see choice of colors and combinations, various shades of the same color, along with similar colors.

Benjamin Moore – Edge-comb Gray HC173 –  Its Gray with pink undertone, quite light.  Can be used as a Neutral or color on walls whenever fixed elements have a pink undertone.  Consider for bathrooms;  with pinky tiles and travertine, with pinky tiles in coastal or desert settings, with pinky gray weathered wood/laminate flooring.

Benjamin Moore – White Dove OC-17 – Our go to for trim and cabinetry – it looks like white however its not stark like a bright white. Not recommended for wall color for most staging or apartment and condo walls.



Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore 1501

Grayed green sophisticated choice for green.  Works well with dark wood, orange cabinetry in kitchen and baths.  Where to use, dining room walls, office walls.  Do not use where there may be pink undertones.

Gray Wisp Benjamin Moore 1570

Perfect blue/green/gray – reads more blue in natural light a bit greener in dark spaces and with artificial light.  Both Men and woman like this color.  Where to use on walls in rooms with dark wood and black furnishings.

Gray Cashmere Benjamin Moore 2138-60

Perfect spa blue sophisticated and grayed down

Great master bedroom/bathroom color – works well with marble bathrooms, as well as pinky peach tiles.  Nice ceiling color in uppermost tray of bedroom paired with a neutral wall color.

Dunmore Cream Benjamin Moore HC29

Wall color option for additional rooms – butter yellow with out the gold.  Option for guest bathroom den, or office. Good historical or period color appeals to older demographic.  do not use in more than two rooms, do not use as main neutraul do not use as trim.

or next color blog will be on neutrals.

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