My new dresser

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Happy Saturday to all of you!

Today I am sharing a project that I just finished…..I think I started it about a year ago….I had purchased this bedroom suite….from a couple in East Hanover New Jersey…..I found it on Craig’s list…and fell in love with it….It is this dresser, and tall boy and a night stand….it was all for 600.00.  So I conversed via email…..I was speaking to the owner of the dressers and he said sure they are yours just come up and pick them up…as we headed up to pick them up I received a text from the wife…who said they were sold….I then texted the husband that said they were available…this went on  and on…I’m  guessing the husband wanted them out of the garage…but the wife did not want to sell…..Well as you can see we have them now….

I painted the piece with Annie Sloan Paint 4 parts Graphite and 1 part Barcelona ….finished the hardware off with some french gilding wax.  I really do like how it came out….it looks great against the Benjamin Moore Beach Glass paint.






DSC_1122 DSC_1124 DSC_1127 DSC_1130

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