Garage Trellis

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Hi there!

Its Monday and I’m feeling a little Manic….So many things going on at the home stead….We will be celebrating my mother’s 90 birthday this Saturday with a guest list of about 65-70 people…which will be an amazing surprise to her… So there is the lists and lists of things that need to be purchased, ordered etc….\


It always amazes me on how much more added pressure we do to our selves before a party… Like I have to finish painting furniture so I can get it out of the garage….so that there is more space in case it rains….and my husband decides to make a Garage Trellis for our back yard garage space…. It did come out amazing… are some shots of what he just finished up….the first is the Trellis and the second is this amazing out door shower….When you live at the shore you need an outdoor shower to rinse the sand off …


This is the exterior of the shower it is nestled in-between both garages..


This is the Trellis he just finished….the trumpet vines will grow over the top eventually.


A leg shaving bench…

DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0016


Let me know if you are interested in having one made….he does amazing work…. Oh did you notice the hole in the shelf for my razor…..its the details that amaze me!!


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