Locust Avenue West Long Branch New Jersey

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Come with me as I take you on a journey.  You will be able to see how we transformed this ranch home in West Long Branch just in time for the owners daughters wedding.  We started working together a year ago.  The owners wanted to spruce up the house before the wedding as they would be entertaining many out of town guest.  We began with a plan and a budget and lots of preliminary work.   As you can see the changes are amazing.


Our first visual presentation

West Long Branch, NJ

The rendering that we were presenting

86 Locust Ave West Long Branch-small-013-8-Dining Room-666x444-72dpi

Wall Color New York State of Mind Benjamin Moore #805



86 Locust Ave West Long Branch-small-026-36-Family Room-666x444-72dpi

The couch is custom by Sherrill with Candice Olsen Fabric Pantone Colors Surf Collection. The wall covering surrounding fire place is by Thibaut Bankun Raffia Teal. Paint color is Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore. Carpet is by Masland New Twist


86 Locust Ave West Long Branch-small-004-4-Living Room-666x444-72dpi

Custom made Draperies fabric by Kravets Sheers by Duralee. – Couches from Pier One. Paint color White Rain by Benjamin Moore.



Designers – Harmonizing Homes – Corinne Kaas and Charles Messenger

After Photo’s by Motion City Media

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