Fun Down the Shore

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We have been having so much fun this Spring!  We purchased some new furniture while in High Point NC for the Home Staging portion of our business.  It arrived just in time for its debut in Point Pleasant NJ.    This was a vacant sell by owner situation; so it was a perfect fit.  We were able to meet our clients budget and staging needs.   The homeowners had painted all the walls and stained the floors darker than they were originally so the new look framed our furniture perfectly. DSC_7181_nat (1)





DSC_7106 nat



Our own creation two pieces of drift wood bound together with twine. We added a little bit of white paint and installed it on the wall going down the stairs.

DSC_7173_soft3 (1)


A tin rusted Olive Basket made a great holder for bath essentials


The beach ball lady is my trade mark for all of my beach houses


Bed side reading….


A fresh box of herbs is always added to a kitchen counter

I stopped by to see the home owners this weekend….and they had a great turn out for their first open house on Saturday and Sunday…..Click for complete listing information Point Pleasant New Jersey.    This house will not be on the market too long….


The Jersey Shore is know for their great blue claws….so you have add one into the mix


Another great new accessory we pick up along the way.


The numbers used as coasters are actually crabbing boat numbers…


A set of lawn dice for the summer night parties


A little reading for your guests….


When we stage we make sure that we focus on the demographics of the area…..We want to make sure that the prospective buyers feel a sense of belonging….We want them to make the connection with the home.  We are blessed that we live “down the shore” so we can get real creative with our props.



Photo’s by  Patty D

Furniture – Furniture of America

Accessories – Home Goods and CDI

Staging by Corinne Kaas and Charles Messenger

Special thanks to Jeannette  Schlapfer of  Cross Roads Reality for the referral

Thanks to my husband ( Craig Kaas) who helped us put all the furniture together – thank goodness he found a way to insert an Allen wrench into an electric screw driver.

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