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tumblr_nyn2el9rUu1rpwhvdo1_1280Its that time of year again….when we are stuck in the house after work and on the weekends because of the cold….You are sitting on the couch and you are looking around thinking we need to do something with this house….You bought a few home decorating magazines looking for some inspiration… but really can’t even get pass picking out paint colors.   Is this starting to sound familiar?

This is the time of the year to do it right?  You can’t hang at the beach, sit by the pool, cut the grass or even wash the car….so what better time then now to work on indoors!  Your friend hired a decorator, but you are thinking I can’t do that…..“its too much money”    Well I’ll let you in on a little secret ….it really isn’t…

So get your self a cup of coffee…. and I will share with you the process…


We go over what your room is used for?   How often do you entertain?  What is your budget (very important)? What colors do you want us to totally omit?  What direction is the room facing?  Is there a time line, a special event, are you preparing to sell, are you hosting a big celebration?  Or are you just tired of the room entirely or maybe just the couch, or the paint…  Most peoples perceptions are that it will cost too much money to hire a designer.  ” I don’t want a designer to come into my home I’m embarrassed”  .  A designer might not understand my vision?  What if we don’t have the same taste?  If you are interested in finding out more of who we are ~ what we do ~ our pricing~  See the arrow below….right under that is our Story and Pricing Guide…Under that is a contact form, if you want more information we will reach out to you….






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