Getting Ready for the Spring Housing Market

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Hello Friends,

The Spring Housing Market is always very active in terms of sales.  Each year, it seems the housing market takes on a different tone – and whether it’s going to be a sellers’ market with inflated prices and bidding wars, or a buyers’ market with tons of choices and low prices …I am going to help you get you home ready for what ever market this Spring will be. I will be taking you through a 10 week course for market readiness.  Are you ready??

Week One (1) CLUTTER – Overview of the order of decluttering

It is very important to declutter before you move.  You don’t want to take clutter to your new home. It is very important to follow the right order in the process of de-cluttering .  The reason for the order is that if you start with old photo’s you will be spending countless hours looking at the old photo’s and wasting the day of decluttering on sentimental items….So pull it together and follow the order.


  • Clothes – what ever doesn’t fit, haven’t worn, the kids have out grown – donate – share- get rid of them you don’t need them other would be grateful to receive.
  • Books – We keep books because we think we are going to read them again.  Once read they are not going to bring the same joy as the first time they were read.   It is okay to keep some, but they must be on a coffee table  or on a book shelve. Books just piled around is not productive or attractive – again donate to your local thrift shop.
  • Paper – Go through you junk draws- file cabinets –  go through all the clippings, course materials, credit card statements, greeting cards that you kept, manuals, pending box, warranties and purge. I bet you that you have a operational manual of a appliance you no longer own.
  • Misc – DVD, CDS, cleaning supplies,  emergency supplies all that stuff that is cramped under your sink and in your laundry room –
  • Sentimental Items –  Children’s creations, letters, life records, past loves, school memories….and photo’s

Once you are done with this 10 week prep work you will be moving on with less STUFF, happier and organized….

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