Asbury Park New Jersey

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I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have clients that live in these great places along the ocean….Today Charles and I headed out to meet the painter at the Condo complex right on Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park….If you haven’t been to the area in a while its worth the trip..   We visited Robert Legere Designs on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park for some inspiration….they had plenty to offer.   We then headed to Modernista Tile to check out their store….Always like to stay local when we are working on a project . We checked out the local glass shop on Asbury Ave called Monmouth Glass

We are planning on designing a one of a kind mirror for this project and all of the resources are right in town….love it…

Afterwards we had some lunch and headed down to Manasquan to Root, which is an amazing furniture store right in town..  It was a great day of networking with some new vendors and enjoying Asbury Park New Jersey….what a few…even through the screen….. Loving my job!





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