Branding your business part 1

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Hi there….

I have been working on promoting Harmonizing Homes since 2009.   I have become some what successful in doing so in the last two years….It does take time there is no question about it.

When I was talking to my husband on this new educational project that I wanted to start to embark on he asked me why would you help others that are in the same business….My answer to him was there is plenty of business for all of us… I believe in giving back and I believe in the standards of our industry.  So anything that I can share to help others keep up with the standards and the  integrity of the Home Staging and Redesign industry is helpful to all of us going forward.

Branding goes beyond color and fonts…. You have to brand your self… me Corinne Kaas!  How I’m I different from others in the field…

First, if you look at my website it doesn’t look like any other stagers’  websites in the industry….and I did that for a reason.  I wanted to look different I didn’t want the  standard rental furniture picture as the header with the calculator to the right and the bright colored fonts and lists of affiliations and associations while there is nothing wrong with that it isn’t what I wanted.  I want to promote me my personality.  When you look at my website you can see who I am along with my home and my family.  I am trying to brand my self and my business as one.  The only mistake I made was choosing the name….Harmonizing Homes is a great business name but Designs by Corinne Kaas would have been much better in hind site.

I love sharing things about myself, my story….I want people to know me beyond my staging and design work…..I am passionate about helping  people…and I can do that with my staging and design.  The first thing you should do is to name three things that describe you and your business. About Me.



What makes us unique is that we understand our clients concerns and honor them

We decorate on their specified budget 

We understand the psychology of letting go 


My branding Company – Flosites


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