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Why is staging a home so important?  Staging is a production, and I become the director. The house is being staged to look like a model home: cozy, comfortable, colorful and inviting, with a personalized look to make it stand out from the rest of the other houses on the market. Our staged homes sell fast and for top dollar’

Staging goes beyond repainting and cleaning; staging a house takes it to the next level by making it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, and accentuating the positive aspects of the property. It’s all about creating an inviting space to inspire buyers.

We create an ambiance that portrays a life style that a buyer really likes…They immediately imagine themselves relaxing in the yard, cooking in the kitchen and entertaining their family and friends. I want the prospective buyers to leave with a positive impression created by properly placed furniture, color-coordinated accessories, beautiful rich linens and table settings — everything evoking a cozy, inviting feeling which makes a lasting impression.