Finding the right area rug

Finding your personal style and picking out the right rug for a room in your home is one of the hardest part. It is also very difficult  to know what exactly your space needs as far as rug size and furniture placement.  I thought I would share some amazing pictures along with a sample of how the furniture should be placed on the rug.

I love the layering of rugs especially for a beach house…..

For living/family room place the front two legs of each furniture piece on the rug – Standard sizes 8×10  9×12 and 11×14.  For smaller spaces you can try a 5×8

For a dining room choose a rug that extends about 24″ beyond each side of the table – Standard sizes 8×10 and 9×12

For the Bedroom -No matter the size of the bed, your rug should extend 36″ or so around your bed.  Standard Size is 8×10 for Queen bed, 9×12 for a King Bed and 5×8 for a twin bed.

We are also thrilled to share with you our choices from The Design Network. 

Harmonizing Homes picks of rugs click on link


Photo’s from  my blog on Tumbler