Updating a outdated headboard

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Good Morning…its been a while…..since I’ve posted anything….all is good in case you missed me….or not!  Here is an update…. We moved in to temporary housing until November…..My husband set up my new workshop and put my paints in  Alphabetical order… Really…I don’t work that way….but Thank You ,,,,  I lost 7.8 pounds on a new program that I am following called IsAgenix and I’m back to the gym and yoga full time…  Ahhhh but you wanted to see the head board… I have to do this fast as I’m delivering it at 8:30 and its 7:36…here goes..

Oh did I mention that this piece is going to the Sandy devastated area of Ortley Beach NJ….I love helping the folks at the beach still trying to put their lives back together….


Paint – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Tape – Frog Tape in Yellow for Delicate Surfaces

Design By – Shore Chicy Designs by Harmonizing Homes LLC



DSC_0733DSC_0757 DSC_0773 DSC_0774

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